Hilarious Class Projectvid

Hilarious Class Project

My best friend's husband teaches at Cushing Academy and this was a science project one of the students created.
malibu1231 Mar 06, 2008
malibu1231 Jan 25, 2008
New Honorary Title Music Video - Stuck at Seavid

New Honorary Title Music Video - Stuck at Sea

The Honorary Title has been my favorite band for... hm... the last 4 years? At least. Here is their brand new music video for "Stuck at…
malibu1231 Jan 25, 2008

How do things stand between you and your "worst breakup" ex?

After the heart-wrenching, mind-whirling, and tummy-turning side affects of a breakup have passed, things between you two may never be the same. But when it…
malibu1231 Aug 27, 2007
Beer Joustingvid

Beer Jousting

My creative college friends...
malibu1231 Jun 07, 2007
I wish I could be so cool...vid
Stapler in Jello Scene from The Office American versionvid
Stapler in Jello Scene from The Office British versionvid

Stapler in Jello Scene from The Office (British version)

This version is so much better than the same 'stapler in jello' scene from the American version of The Office. I can't believe how the…
malibu1231 Jun 07, 2007
This boy makes me giggle a little bitvid
It's just like... a mini... mallvid
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i'm a big fan of sleep... though don't get much of it... also huge on taking photos, going to shows, hanging out in malibu, learning to surf and discovering 'up & coming' musicians/artists. i'm pretty sure starbucks runs on my business. my car hates me for my long-distance driving habits. i hate staying in one place for too long. i miss germany. spontaneity rules my life.


Feeding hungry ducks. Visiting concert venues intending to befriend the band. Earning college credits. Text messaging. Cascading down snowy mountains. Wishing I had the resources to travel everyday & everywhere. Intimidating nearby drivers with my shameful whip. Laughing as much as possible. Hating my Dell for losing all my Europe photos. Kissing adorable looking babies. Wondering how I’m going to become a millionaire by 30. Bragging about celebrity encounters. Regretting choosing Verizon over T-mobile. Trying everything once. Impressive people. Thesaurus.com. Sandy beaches. Attractive men with British accents. Little kids with British accents. People with British accents impersonating people with American accents. Learning to surf. Insight. Beverages with caffeine. Beverages in general. GPS systems with foreign language settings. Interpreting dreams. 7 AM frozen pond escapades.

Favorite Music:

The Honorary Title. Interpol. Psapp. Imogen Heap. Iron and Wine. Mew. Mae. Portugal. The Man. The Killers. Brand New. The Format. Paramore. Pinback. Death Cab for Cutie. Taking Back Sunday. The Used. Mat Kearny. Matt Nathanson. Pete Yorn. Peter Bjorn & John. Dashboard Confessional. Jack's Mannequin. M.I.A. The Whitest Boy Alive. John Legend. Brenda Fassie. Mewithoutyou. Explosions in the Sky. Bright Eyes (probably the most philosophically brilliant artist in the universe...).

Favorite Movies:

Boondock Saints. The Illusionist. Little Miss Sunshine. Wedding Crashers. Mean Girls. Superbad. The Notebook. Hardcandy. Love Actually. Pirates of the Caribbean. Fight Club. Snatch.

Favorite TV Shows:

Californication. Rome. Entourage. Gilmore Girls. The Office. Grey's Anatomy. Family Guy. Da Ali G Show. And pretty much anything on the Fine Living channel.

Favorite Books:

Dry. Running with Scissors. Possible Side Effects. Magical Thinking. Deep Thoughts (by Jack Handey). The Prophet Khalil Gibran. The Alchemist. Post Secret. Other People's Love Letters. Church Signs Across America.